“How can I make this better?” That’s a question I constantly find myself asking and answering. What’s one more thing I could do to take this to the “next level”.

Hi, I’m Travis! I’m a designer, maker, and a vlogger. I work with print and web graphics, motion graphics, special effects, videography, web-design, marketing, social media, communications, and a ton of other stuff!

I’m obsessed with design, special effects, and video, and I’m a sucker for a great story. I’m an artist at heart with the brain of an engineer and I’m constantly working to improve my craft and be better at just about everything. I’ve been working in communications and marketing for almost ten years now. I worked as a web project manager before becoming a graphic designer. After that, I was a marketing manager for two years before leaving to become a full-time graphic designer working on the media team at one of the largest churches in Pensacola, Florida.

I love what I do, and I love putting my talent and my skills to work for something that I believe in. Visual media can communicate things that spoken word, or written word can’t do by themselves. Working with graphics, video, music and other media I get to take that communication to a new level. I get to help people see and help them understand what the gospel is. That’s why I work in and with communications and visual media.

I want to design things that have an impact on people’s lives. I don’t just go into a project thinking my only goal is to “make this look cool”. Of course I want it to look amazing, but I also want it to communicate a message that makes people think about the way things are and challenges their perception of the truth.

I mostly vlog and write about working with my team, doing graphic design, video-making, marketing, and communications. From time-to-time I also include a few things about life, my adventures and hobbies, projects I work on, and other fun stuff.

I really enjoy sharing what I do with people. Along those lines, traviswalser.com is really about sharing what I do with others! It’s about my thoughts on best practices in design, video, and communications. If I can help inspire another communicator or designer to try something differently to reach people, in a way they’ve never considered trying before, then that’s an extra bonus on top of something I love doing! At the end of the day, everything I do, is to help communicate ideas to others so they can grow and succeed at what they do. That brings me a lot of joy and happiness! It’s what I love to do!





PO Box 763,
Cantonment, FL 32533